TaiwanOpen 2021

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RR Taiwan Open 2021

Updated Oct.07 

Registration Close Date:Oct 19(TUE)

Rewards for Stream Challenges 

  • 1st place : US$30 per player

  • 2nd place: US$20 per player

Rewards for On-Line Robosensei Challenges 

  • 1st place : US$20 per player

Allow one player as a team for: Stream SUMO

All challenges of  On-Line Robosensei

TaiwanOpen 2021

      Registration:(for 1. Physical)

            Register on RR

Taiwan site. https://www.csrobot.com.tw/roborave/news.php

      RR Taiwan reports the team and player’s lists to RR Intl.

      ** Names must include Hanzi characters to distinguish the players.

      ** Process of Payment

      The address of report list (Google Sheet)is :

      The list includes the RR ID number.

      The registration fee is NT$800/per(~US$27) player, per challenge

      Registration:(for 2.Stream & 3.RoboSensei)

Register on RR international site.



Fecha y Hora
30 de octubre de 2021
Inicio - 21:00
1 de noviembre de 2021
Fin - 9:00 Asia/Taipei

Physical, Streaming, Virtual

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--Physical, Streaming, Virtual--
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