Global Playshop CyberCar - Curling 2021

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Event Type : Streaming

Description :

Cybercar : Remote programmed Robot through the Internet with the objective of getting out of a Maze. Participants dont need to have the robot, Robots and in different venues in Taiwan and Mexico. Robots Used : LEGO EV3, Eleego Arduino and MakeBlock Mbot.

Curling: Design, build, and program a robot that can collect the curlings on a field and push them in the scoring zone. The robot is remote controlled on the participant premises. Open platform to any Robot .

 Challenges / Divisions : Cybercar open to all divisions, everyone will play together for the same award. Curling open to Elementary and Middle School divisions, both divisions will play together.

Awards :
1st Price : $ USD 30
2nd Price: $ USD 20
3rd Price: $ USD 15

Date & Time
September 23, 2021
Start - 11:00 PM
September 26, 2021
End - 10:55 PM Canada/Mountain

Online, Streaming

--Online, Streaming--
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